Badge Reel / Lanyard Combo's

For the ultimate professional touch, combine your lanyard and badge reel requirements in a variety of ways providing consistency in your employee's appearance.

You can have each item printed, one or the other printed, or both plain. Match colours, or combine colours on each for your corporate identity.

There are several ways that they can be connected together. A metal swivel clip can be used to permanently join them, using the split ring/belt clip method allows them to be used together and separately, or for 1.0cm wide material they can be directly sewn together.

Design and ordering is easy. Browse each of the products categories (badge reels and lanyards), decide on the specifications that you want for each item individually, and then choose your preffered method for connecting them (you could also split your order to incorporate more than one option). We will deduct 5% from the combined total of both products.

For other possible specifications, to place or discuss an order, or to gain an exact quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.