Our promotional products include a wide range of customized bracelets. Whether it’s the fun Slap Bracelets, the widely used Leather Bracelets or the highly fashionable Ski Bracelets there is a product that is right for your campaign.
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PVC Slap Bracelets

A fun way to get your message out there, our increasingly popular slap bracelets are an excellent promotional or awareness product. These are available in varying sizes, colours and in reflective material for road safety.

Ski Bracelets

Designed specifically with skiers in mind, this bracelet is perfect for all outdoor uses. A Velcro adjustable strap provides flexible size and makes it quick and easy to put on.

Economy Bracelets - Webbing

Got a low budget? Then our webbing bracelet may be just the style you need, branded with your logo on a metal band, it is a cost effective promotional product.

Standard Bracelets - Rubber

A quality standard in the industry for many years, our rubber bracelet is hard wearing and ideal for sports events.

Deluxe Bracelets - Leather

Our Leather Bracelets are second to none and by far a very popular choice within slower paced sporting circles e.g. Golf, Bowling etc. Customizable with your name and logo in reflective pvc

Admission Bracelets

This bracelet is an excellent addition to your security arrangements. Made with reflective PVC and customizable this bracelet has a plastic rivet that is designed to allow it to be used once only.

Friendship Bracelets

Known for their use in member organizations, friendship bracelets provide an excellent sense of belonging. We can supply either a printed or a woven style.

Cotton Bracelets - Embroidered

Customized, with your colours, name and logo, and made with elasticized cotton, these sweat bands are a popular accessory used on sports courts worldwide.

Bracelets - Accessories

Add an extra touch to your campaign with our accessories.